Original stainless steel lid

ZERO JAPAN  items has a fresh, modern design without frills.All the elements are proportionally right.

The stainless lid is one of the outstanding feature of ZERO JAPAN teapot.It is clipped onto the pot so it will not fall off and can be handle with one hand.

ZERO JAPAN items are 100% made in Japan.

The items come in attractive, fresh and clear colours.The single colour makes it easy to match them with other cups and plates with patterns. Use them to brighten up the rest of your tableware!


All teapots have stainless steel infusers and clip-on lids that are removable for easy cleaning. Before each use check for tightness of the clip on hinge.
If hinge connection becomes loose, increase tension by pressing sides of clip-on hinge closer together as illustrated.

While brewing tea, the ceramic teapot, stainless steel lid and infuser will become very hot, and caution should be used when pouring tea. Keep teapot away from children while in use.

Spare parts such as lids and strainers are available for purchase.