ZERO JAPAN ceramic canister has very strong sealing.
The ceramic canister is non-translucent.
It protects food from moisture and discoloration.
our canisters are produced and assembled in Japan in order to maintain the quality and the strong sealing function.

The canisters are one of the oldest model of ZERO JAPAN items.
It has past more than 30years since the first ceramic canister was produced in Japan but it still looks very modern and contemporary.

The simple design with great function and quality is the reason why people from all over the world loves our canisters and it became one of our best seller in the history.

>>ZEROJAPAN Canister

It started from one review of a villa’s owner at Lake Tahoe.
He stayed at his villa during the summer holiday.
Coffee beans and nuts were left in the Japanese ceramic canister.
When he came back to his villa a year later coffee beans and nuts were as fresh as he opens a new bags.
Since then ZERO JAPAN canisters had been loved by many people in The USA.
The most of the department store and lifestyle shop had sold the canisters.
We often receives a message from the owner of ZERO JAPAN Canister that they have been using it as their favorite kitchen items for more than 20years.

  • Please use our canister after washing and drying well.
  • Metal parts are all made from stainless steel. Avoid leaving the parts in the water for a long time in case of stain.
  • Because of the function of sealed canister, it can be difficult to the top due to adhesion of the gasket made of silicon. In that case, use the arm to push up the projection of the metal part of the lid to open as the picture below.

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